Timo Herbst’s interdisciplinary practice takes movements or choreographies from the artistic, everyday and political spheres as the starting point for multimedia installations that include drawing, video and sculpture. His focus is usually on the process of creating a gesture or form. This ranges from recordings of the transformation of places or movements, such as the creation process of a dance choreography by William Forsythe, to the physical expression of dissent or gestures of public resistance. In his works he often combines formal visual effects with socially relevant aspects of content, as his interest in the emergence of significant images of collective action and collective memory is linked to the penetration of the mechanisms of gestural and physical forms of expression and their means of representation. Since 2015 he regularly collaborates with Marcus Nebe in video works, 3d-prints and animations. 

Timo Herbst received his diploma with distinction at the Hochschule für Künste in Bremen and the Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst in Leipzig plus Meisterschüler in 2016. His works are shown internationally in museums and galleries. Recent exhibitions include: Parc de La Villette Paris, Solo Kunsthalle Göppingen 2023, AVA Gallery Cape Town (South africa)2023, Solo LOAF Kyoto (Japan) 2022, ZAK Berlin 2022, Kunstzeughaus Rapperswil 2021, Museum Grassi Leipzig 2020, Bauhaus Museum Dessau 2019, Solo artothek – Museums Cologne 2019. Among others, he was a fellow of the Goethe Institute Villa Kamogawa Kyoto (Japan), Künstlerhaus Munich, Cité Internationales des Arts Paris, Fiminco Foundation Paris/Romainville, Kunstfonds Bonn and Akademie der Künste Berlin. In 2016-2018 he was a fellow in the interdisciplinary Research Project “Arts and Science in Motion” of the Volkswagen Foundation through FU Berlin and HBK Braunschweig. In 2024 he is a resident of the Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb (Croatia).

Exhibitions Solo oder Duo (selection)

“Ephemera”, Gallery Ken Nakahashi, Tokyo (Japan) 
“One of all”, Salon H, Paris (with Marcus Nebe) (France)
 “Attempt of exhausting a place”, Neuer Kunstverein Gießen (Germany)

“Play by rules”, Kunsthalle Göppingen (with Marcus Nebe and growing exhibition concept)

“Rhythmanalysis”, Vitrine Cité des arts Paris Marais (solo in conjuction with Goethe Institut Paris & Drawing Now Art Fair)
“Play by rules”, LOAF Kyoto (Japan)
“Tentative d’épuisement d’un lieu”, RF Gallery Paris

“Strong Feelings”, HAUNT Berlin (with Marcus Nebe)

“Exceptions from all directions”, Galerie Eigenheim Berlin Salon

“Rhythms”, artothek, Raum für Junge Kunst, museums Cologne
“(De)Materialize”, Kunstraum Ortloff, Leipzig (Duo mit Esteban Sànchez)

“G20” Kunstverein Leipzig (with EGMP)
“Blackdance”, Zentrum für aktuelle Kunst Berlin (Duo mit Peter Hock)
“Optical Flow”, Junges Museum Bottrop

“Move What Moves You“, ENA Viewing Space, Budapest (Hungary)

Exhibitions Group (selection)

“Edition Artais”, Galerie Dix9 with Assosiation Artais, Paris (France)
“Different Persons”, Kunsthalle Košice (Slovakia)
“One of all”, intervention in collection, MSU Zagreb (with Marcus Nebe) (Croatia)
“Unobservable Dreams”, YARAT Contemporary Art Center Baku (Azerbaidjan)
Odradek Brussels (Belgium)
“After the dust settles”, Echo contemporary art, Atlanta (USA)

“Odysées Urbaines”, Fiminco Foundation Paris (France)
“100%”, La Vilette Paris (France)
“The invisible thread”, Ava Gallery Cape Town (South Africa)
“Tender points”, Haunt Berlin (with Marcus Nebe)
“Display”, Billboard Galerie Jochen Hempel, Baumwollspinnerei Leipzig
“Longue Tongue”, Nina Mielcarczyk, Leipzig

„Über die Zeichnung hinaus“, Zentrum für aktuelle Kunst, Zitadelle Spandau, Berlin
„Climanosco – Dear 2050”, Kammgarn West, Schaffhausen (Switzerland)
„Anonyme Zeichner“, Galerie im Körnerpark Berlin
„Territory“, L’église du vieux Saint-Sauveur Caen (France)
“Minibar ll”, Galerie Oelfrüh Hamburg
„Don´t know why“, Ortloff Leipzig

„Streetlight“, RomanSusan, Chicago (USA)
“20.000”, Cité Internationale des Art Montmatre Paris (France)
„unknowing now“, Villa Waldberta – Künstlerhaus Stadt München
„CHARTA #1“, HAUNT Berlin
„CLIMANOSCO“, Kunst(zeug)haus Rapperswil/Zürich (Switzerland)
„Verbindungsstücke – Konektaa“, Villa Kamogawa Kyoto (Japan)

“Szenen des Lebens”, Grassi Museum Leipzig
“Where the trees have numbers”, HAUNT Berlin
“False Ground Carrier” Ideal Artspace Leipzig
“Ed. #4 – Bauhaus 100”, Galerie Eigenheim Berlin

“Bühne Total”, Bauhaus Museum Dessau
“Sense of Humor”, 21_21 Design Sight, Tokyo (Japan)
“Understanding Art & Reaearch”, MAK Wien (Austria) (with EGMP)
“Edition #4”, Frontviews at Maniere Noire Berlin
“Throwing Gestures”; Bethanien Studio 1, Berlin
“Die Auftelung des Raumes”, Q18, Köln2018
“Behausung” Künstlerforum Bonn

“Win/Win”, Neuzugänge Sammlung Konstfond Dresden, Halle 14, Bauwollspinnerei Leipzig
“Dimensional Sights”, Kunstverein Neustadt/Weinstraße, Villa Böhm
“Text Tour”, Künstlerforum Bonn, Bonn & AQB Budapest (Hungary)
“Hansdlungsanweisungen in der Kunst”, Galerie Eigenheim, Berlin

“Terra Mediterranea: in action” Halle 14, Leipzig
“Temple/material, Oubai-in-Tempel, Goethe Institut, Kyoto (Japan)
“HUMAN with/out SPACE, A.P.A. Atelier Pro Arts Art Center, Budapest (Hungary)
„Dimensional Sights“, Kunstverein Jena
“How does it feel”, Artim, Baku (Azerbaidschan)

“The Gardens“, Representation of Saxony, Berlin
“Werkschau 2015“, Baumwollspinnerei, Leipzig
“Cat-Cot-Dot-Dog“, Art Quarter Budapest (Hungary)
“Leipzig malt“, Wiensowski & Habord, Berlin
“Wrumm Wruumm”, Diploma exhibition, Academy for Visual Arts, Leipzig

“Imaginäres Museum”, Ägyptisches Museum Georg Steindorff, Leipzig
“4 Rooms“, stipend-exhibition Künstlerhaus im Schlossgarten, Cuxhaven

“Slapstick Night”, Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg, Wolfsburg
“Exceptions from all directions“, Liska Leipzig
“Watching a cat watching a mouse hole”, Kunsthalle am Hamburger Platz, Berlin

Residencies / Grants / Projects / Funding (Selection)
2024 Residency at Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb (MSU) (Croatia)
2023 Kunstfonds Bonn
2022/23 Residency Fiminico Foundation
2022 Funding Institut for Foreign Relations and Goethe Institut for exhibition “Play by rules” LOAF Kyoto
2022 Artist in Residence Paradise Air Matsudo (Japan)
2022 Cité internationale des Arts Paris, supported by the german commissioner for culture and media
2021 Initial Akademie der Künste Berlin
2021 Residency Künstlerhaus Müchen Villa Waldberta (with historian Duane Corpis)
2020 Nominee “Kunst am Bau” Frauenhofer Institut Dresden
2019 Artist in Residence Paradise Air Matsudo (Japan)
2018 working grant Arts Council of the Federal State of Saxony
2017-2018 “Entanglement between Gesture, mediea & politics” HFBK Braunschweig & Volkswagen Foundation
2016 Residency / Grant Goethe-Institut- Villa Kamogawa Kyoto (Japan)
2016 Residency Yarat Contemporary Art Center Baku (Azerbaidjan)
2016-17 “Motion together”, Free Univerity Berlin by Volkswagen Foundation
2014/15 Artist Quarter Budapest (Hungary)
2014 Künstlerhaus im Schlossgarten Cuxhaven
2010 Shortlist Dr. Herbert Zapp Preis for Contemporary Drawing – Hamburger Bahnhof Berlin

Publications (selection)
“Play by rules”, Kunsthalle Göppingen 2023
“Verbindungsstücke”, Wasmuth & Zohlen, 2022
“Über die Zeichnung hinaus”, Zentrum für aktuelle Kunst, 2022
“Teilen und Lernen, G20”, online Publication des DFG-Graduiertenkollegs “Das Wissen der Künste”, 2021: LINK
“Throwing Gestures”, Verlag für Moderne Kunst 2021
“papeleo”, Cuardernos Drawing Room Madrid, 2021
“Szenen des Lebens” Kunstsammlungen Dresden, 2020
“.18.19”, artothek, Raum für junge Kunst, Museen Köln, 2020
“Bühne Total”, Bauhaus Dessau, 2020
“Text 17”, Zeitschrift und Verlag Berlin, Editor Andreas van Düren, 2019
“Dimensional Sights”, Kunstverein Jena und Kunstverein Neustadt/Weinstraße, 2017
“Imaginary Museum”, Egyptian Museum Georg Steindorff Leipzig, 2014
“Natur 3D”, Museum for Visual Art Leipzig, 2013
“You are leaving the area of responsibility”, Begehungen Chemnitz Nr.8”, 2011
“Große Kunstausstellung”, Haus der Kunst Munich, 2010
“Study-price 2010“, Academy for Visual Arts Leipzig, Leipzig, 2010

lectures /workshops/ talks

2024 Lecture Musashino Art University Tokyo (Japan)
2024 Talk Museum of contemorary Art Zagreb (MSU)
2023 Lecture for State Academy Stuttgart at Fiminco Foundation
2023 Lecture/workshop Bauhaus Uni Weimar
2023 Talk with Hacene Zemrani and Taqi Spateen, Fiminco Foundation Paris
2022 Lecture Musashino Art University Tokyo (with Marcus Nebe) (Japan)
2020 Talk (with Barbara John) Grassi Museum Leipzig
2019 Workshop with Prof. Irina Kaldrack. “teilen/lernen: Methoden des Kollektiven in Kunst, Wissenschaft, Aktivismus” DFG-Graduiertenkolleg „Das Wissen der Künste“ UdK Berlin at District Berlin
2019 Workshop collaborator with Torsten Blume at Akademie der Künste Berlin, Goethe Institut /Kuwasawa Design School Tokyo (Japan) and New York University Shanghai (China)
2018 Lecture “Entanglement between gestures, media and politics”, Kunstquartier Bethanien Berlin
2018 Talk and presentation “politics of gestures”, Schmiede Hallein (Austria)
2018 Lecture Volkswagenstiftung with Motion Together and EGMP, Caputh (Germany)
2017 Workshop with Prof. Irina Kaldrack “gesture, media, politics” HBK Braunschweig
2017 Talk and presentation 360°Dome TU Braunschweig
2017 Lecture presentation “Affective Transformations:, Politics – Algorithms – Media”, University Potsdam
2017 Talk Kunstverein KV Leipzig
2016 “Shifting Memories”, Lecture Humanwissenschaftliche Fakultät, University Cologne
2016 Talk Creators at Kamogawa, Januar & April, Kyoto (Japan)
2014 Lecture Volkswagenstiftung, Visselhoevede (Germany)

public collections
Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden, Kunstfonds – (videoinstallation: Play by rules)
Kunsthale Göppingen (3D-prints)
artothek, Museen Köln – (drawings)
Staatskanzlei Thüringen – (edition)
Junge Kunst Bremen E.V – (drawings)
Archiv der Moderne, Bauhaus Universität Weimar – (edition)
Yarat Contemporaray Art Center Baku (Azerbaidschan) – (video: Baku /Baki-Anadili)
Art Quarter Budapest (Hungary) – (drawing)
Bauhaus Museum Dessau – (Posteredition with Katsumi Asaba)

Press (Selection)
Artais Art Contempoarin 2023:
Kuba Paris:
bijutsutecho.com (Japan) 2022:
Lerchenfeld 49 2019: “Interdiszipliere dich!” von Anna-Lena Wenzel:
Der Tagesspiegel 2018: “Blackdance at ZAK Berlin”:
Guardian 2013: “Cairo curfew all night parties”:
Huffington Post 2013: “Bahaa Talis, perfomance live artista egiziano”,

2014-16 Academy for Visual Arts Leipzig, Student of Honour (Meisterschüler) Prof. Astrid Klein
2013 Guest University of the Arts Berlin, Prof. Hito Steyerl
2010-13 Academy for Visual Arts Leipzig, Leipzig, Prof. Astrid Klein – Diploma with distinction
2006-2009 University of Arts Bremen, Prof. Paco Knöller

Timo Herbst

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